Maximum design pressure : 100MPa - Equivalent to an ocean depth of 10,000m(32,810ft)
Maximum design temperature : 75(167F)
Ultra-high-pressure SUS630 steel pressure vessel
Compact : For Model TFS-100 10L(2.64Gal) - Width 810mm(31.89inch) , depth 780mm(30.7inch) , height 1081mm(42.56inch)
Heating is provided by heaters installed on both the exterior and interior.
Manual and automatic control which are as convenient and safe as possible.
Standard sizes : 0.5L(.13Gal) , 2L(.53Gal) , 10L(2.64Gal) , 50L(13.21Gal)
Large sizes needs arrangement [up to 300L(79.26Gal)]
Health food ingredients
Organic synthesis
Brown rice processed under ultra-high-pressure
Food products for persons who are unable to swallow
Low-allergen wheat processing
Juice drinks
Cosmetic products
Salad Dressings
*"TOTAL EXTRACTION" can be used not only for seasonings, but also in a wide range of other fields including health foods, phamaceuticals, and chemicals.
Utilize products which will become waste and not part of the end product.
Utilize materials(Vegetables,fish,etc.)which do not qualify for shipment at point of production origin.
Utilize materials(Vegetables,fish,etc.)which would normally be considered as waste.
Production of clustered water
Research of Food extract, the resolution of Enzyme
The ultra-high-pressure processing equipment,"TOTAL EXTRACTION",was developed by Toyo Koatsu.Since our founding in 1983,Toyo Koatsu has accumulated a vast amount of technology related to the production of pressure equipment,and has also acquired the top market share in Japan for supercritical fluid testing equipment.
The Hiroshima Prefectural Food Technology Research Center began research using high pressure to create extracts from natural substances in 2001,and a patent for a "seasoning production method"*1(Patent No.3475328)was listed in September 2003. However because this equipment was extremely expensive,it was never commercialized.
By applying our extensive experience, we succeeded in developing a low-cost and convenient set of equipment in autumn of 2005, and applied for a patent*2. After further improvements were made to this equipment,we announced the successful development of"TOTAL EXTRACTION" as a standard product in the summer of 2006.

*1FPatentholderFHiroshimaPrefecture InventorFDr.HisashiOkazaki.
*2FPatent pendingFToyo Koatsu Co.,Ltd.

Pressure prevents the growth of microorganism and decay,in order to ensure good taste.
Unlike condensed fish sauce and similar products that are created by fementation and aging, the pressure method prevents the growth of microorganisms, allowing the excessive amount of salt which is added to conventional products to be greatly reduced.
In addition, eliminating unnecessary additives has been found to promote the formation of components that are useful to the human body such as amino acids, resulting in the increases shown in the table below.

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