Here we would like to introduce some of our reliable electric furnaces
They have a history of more than 30 years so their reliability and durability have been already proven. We also manufacture specially designed electric furnaces such as mantle heaters, salt baths, ultra-high temperature furnaces

(Standard electric furnace for autoclave)

This is an electric furnace of standard specifications. If explosion-proofing is not required then this type of furnace gives you the most reasonable price

Heater : Kanthal Super
Maximum Working Temperature : 1000 C

(Explosion proof heater for autoclave)

Casting sheath heaters with brass or aluminum is one of the ways for making a heater explosion-proof. An explosion-proof junction box is used for its terminal

Casting material : Brass, (Aluminum)
Maximum Working Temperature : 550, (300) C

(Casted heater for autoclave)

Sheath heaters are cast with brass or aluminum
This type has the advantage of very
good temperature distribution

Casting material : Brass, (Aluminum)
Maximum Working Temperature : 550, (300) C

(Electric furnace for heat treatment)

You can program any pattern of temperature scheduling. These are designed for heat treating tests and have an internal agitating fan.

Heater : Kanthal super
Maximum Working Temperature : 1200 C

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